Summertime & Estate Planning

Now that summer is near, many of us are enjoying the warm weather, planning vacations, and otherwise relaxing. While Estate Planning is a year-round duty, summer can be a great time to review and update your Estate Plan. As we plan vacations, whether to a nearby town or faraway countries, it is important to make sure your Estate Plan is in order before embarking on your adventures.

Creating your Estate Plan

The first step in updating your Estate Plan is to create one if you haven’t already done so. There are many pitfalls to using online legal documents and it is always advised to have an experienced Estate Planning lawyer guide you through this process. Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, and Health Care Directives are essential documents everyone can benefit from having.

Updating your Estate Plan

If your Estate Plan is already created, it is recommended that you review it annually to make sure your choices are up to date. If there have been any life events or if a loved one can no longer serve for any role they have been appointed, changes need to be made. Laws are also ever-changing. If your documents are no longer up to date with current laws, changes should be made. If guardians for minor children are not already established, you will want to do so immediately, or the decision will be left to the state.  

Make your Documents Accessible

While safeguarding your Estate Plan is important, it is also important to make sure your Estate Planning documents are accessible should the worst happen. The loved ones you have appointed to serve in various roles in your Estate Plan should know where your information is located to help expedite the process if an unexpected situation arises. 

Lead by Example

Family members may not have their own Estate Plans in order. Summer may be as good as it gets when finding opportunities to discuss this subject. Your family, whether near or far, will always look forward to a visit, but it can be challenging to find the perfect time to bring up Estate Planning during an otherwise easygoing weekend together. 

The easiest way to discuss this topic is to lead by example and discuss how you have recently completed your own Estate Planning. This will give your loved ones the opportunity to ask questions. Seeing your effort can help them move past any hurdles that are keeping them from executing their own Estate Plan. 

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